The first step is to deal with your mind

Know thyself. There’s been more than one philosopher from the ancient world this quotation has been attributed to, including the big guy himself, Socrates. Without this knowledge, we spin our tires looking for some sort of change that will fulfill us.

In ‘Tools of Titans,’ by Tim Ferriss, he lists 17 questions that changed his life, including ‘Could it be that everything is fine as it is?’ Before making any plans, or striving to change something, consider that question. Maybe everything is fine, but if it’s not fine – then determine what’s not ok before you make your next move.

So, my next question is what's up will all the chatter in your head?

Ever wonder how on earth you will ever sort out your true desires from all the ideas running around in your head? How do you recognize the good and healthy thoughts - the true desires from the other ones?

People think about all sorts of things:

  • I'd rather go to sleep

  • ‎I'd rather watch Netflix

  • ‎I don't even have time to make a to-do list

  • ‎Is this really going to do me any good?

  • ‎I don't want to be held accountable

  • I don't want to do what's on my list 

  • I don't feel like it

  • I don't think I can do this every day

  • The list goes on...

Want to reveal to yourself (if you don't already know) how you mind works?

Go for a walk. 

You may be thinking that ‎you've tried so many ways to get yourself motivated, so, why will this work?

Great question - You may be shocked or pleasantly surprised (or both) about what I'm about to share, but many of us are negative in our thinking – not just situationally, but from the core. We often spend much of our days thinking and worrying. And this "stinking thinking" affects the manner in which you behave. Taking a walk is a way to leave it all behind.

Walk while planning

When I do my daily walk, I start by letting my mind wander over the things that are consuming all my thinking energy that day: what I'm caring about; what I neglect; what generates anger in me; my failures - and THEN, I let it all out. 

I vent. 

I sometimes even shout... 

Get rid of the garbage thoughts and emotions in you that are weighing you down. With every fresh breath I inhale, I bring in life and goodness and with every exhale, I expel garbage and pain. 

Now, depending on your state of mind, the habits you've created for yourself and a few life circumstances, you could be walking anywhere from ten minutes to two hours in order to get to this place. Either way, walk till you sort it out. Then, turn around and start walking back. 


But, this time give thanks. Focus on gratitude, goodness, blessings, and positivity. Then make or rewrite your list. Make notes on everything left in your head. 

You are now reminding yourself of your focus and not your failings. Your desires are becoming more clear.

You're giving yourself a gift - to be able to think clearly by dealing with the flood of ideas, emotions and feelings in you. By the time you get home, the refreshing feeling you will have, both mentally and physically, will amaze you. Now use that as a catalyst and plan something. Your head is more clear than before! Make use of it.

Listing ideas

Now, refine that list.

Refine, refine, refine. 

Yup. Simple and POSSIBLE.

Some days, I will walk three times - other days, only once and occasionally - I skip a day.

But generally speaking, the daily walk serves my soul. 

How about you?

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