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Business Consultant Lethbridge

ThinkingThru provides Business consulting services in Lethbridge, Edmonton, Regina and surrounding areas.

A successful business begins with an idea. An expert in a niche may not be an expert in business and this is where an expert business consultant can be your partner in making your business a success.

Although a business consultant can also be referred to as a ‘business coach’ or ‘business advisor’, I view these titles collectively but separately. I believe each has its contributory role in business success:

As a Business Consultant:

I discuss the aspects of a business in which a business owner can recognise their shortcomings. Consulting comes with communication and I develop lines of communication. This communication is not only with the business owner, but with the employees, suppliers and anyone peripherally involved so that I can get to the root of the problem. Once a problem is fully identified, only then can the best solution be implemented.

As a Business Coach:

I teach a business owner how to perform an operation more efficiently or achieve goals successfully. Some tasks in business are complicated, they require more than just a discussion. Frequent application provides practice and ultimate expertise. I provide the tools for solid implementation of skills so that they can be used frequently and effectively.

As a Business Advisor:

I highlight problem areas which need addressed and identify features underutilized in a business that may not have been clear before. Through my extensive business experience, I can help you create or take advantage of your unique attributes so you can surpass your competitors.


Through a combination of my unique version of consulting, coaching and advising, business success is only a matter of time.



Communicate & Close.

Communicating your value proposition clearly is key to closing more business. 



Efficient Workflows.

Your team & daily processes are crucial to running a successful business.  



Avoid Leaks.

Identify unnessesary finiancial spending to keep your business lean and healthy. Discover how to finance business expansion safely.


Sales Strategy 

Productivity Audit

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Budget Builder

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David Helped me gain clarity and focus
— Erin, Southern Alberta
Image of Life Coach David D’Silva

Life Coaching

with David D’Silva


As an experienced business consultant,I have found that more often than not, an individual is in need of life coaching in addition to, or as an alternative to, business coaching. Many clients seek my help in business whereas unknown to them, they will benefit more from life coaching. That’s why I, David D’Silva offer life coaching in my strategy for success in business and in life.

We tend to separate these two aspects as we refer to them as ‘work life’ and ‘personal life’. I see it differently. These two entities are intermingled and must be dealt with as a whole. Our work life affects our personal life, we spend too much time at work for it not to have an effect. It’s natural. Sometimes, our personal lives just need a little outside help.

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is someone trained and experienced in helping individuals reach their maximum potential and achieve their goals. Using a variety of techniques in both their personal and professional life, a life coach clarifies objectives that every individual inherently has. Once identified, coaching in how to achieve those goals begins. Ultimately, the final result is an overall improved personal and professional life and the achievement of long and short-term goals.

Life Coaching Image of Make Things Happen
Setting Goals in Life Coaching

What Does A Life Coach do?

Lets not get confused here, I assure you a life coach is not a therapist. A life coach helps you identify both positives and negatives in your life that are preventing you from achieving more specific goals in your life. Whether that goal is business or personal, a life coach will focus on it specifically. This may include business transitions such as mergers or expansions, or it may be personal such as communication. The two can and often are interlinked where personal and business overlap such as in co-operative management scenarios.

Negatives in your life hold you back from achieving goals. They prevent you becoming who you want to be and getting where you want to be. A life coach will train you on how to remove or change these negatives so they are no longer an obstacle.

Positives include goals, objectives, aims, strengths, vision, energy and more. These positives in your life may not always be clear and the goal of a life coach is to identify these positives and show you how to best use them in your life. Take advantage of your strengths, how to plan to achieve goals, harness your own energy and make it work for you.

Adopting all the positive aspects of your life allows you to maximize your full potential.

Coaching in Life Direction

Coaching in Life Direction


What Does a Client Learn from a Life Coach?

In truth, many people don’t know what they want. Some think they have an objective but when looked into, realize that’s not where they want to be.

The right life coach uses investigative skills and experience to clarify what a client actually wants and how to achieve it. Here are some aspects a life coach can develop for a client:

  • Self-realization of real life goals, what a client really wants for him/herself

  • Plan a strategy to achieve specific goals envisioned by the client utilizing the experience of the life coach

  • Plan on removing obstacles in life which are holding the client back

  • Methods to maximize on strengths and overcome weaknesses

  • Realization of personal problems and how to avoid them

  • Increased client confidence as a business person to become a confident leader and entrepreneur

  • Increased client confidence as a person helping to build relationships through networking

How Life Coaching helps in Business

Most businesses rely on developing relationships with clients. These businesses have higher client retention statistics.

Businesses with good employer-employee relationships are more likely to succeed, one reason being that long-term staff tend to be more experienced.

A happy boss makes a happy employee. Through achieving goals, overcoming obstacles, removing negatives and overall improved life, the knock-on effect is a pleasant employer-employee-customer environment.

Overcome Obstacles with Life Coaching

Overcome Obstacles with Life Coaching


Relationships are the mortar of every business and life coaching teaches a client to build and nurture relationships making them strong and longstanding.

Develop enthusiasm for your business. A successful business feels rewarding and seeing advancement inspires enthusiasm in further development. An enthusiastic business owner will always be a successful business owner and take pride and enjoyment from his/her work.

Business Growth

Business Growth


How Life Coaching Helps in Personal Life

We only have one life and it is finite. I believe a primary responsibility for life coaches is to ensure a healthy work/life balance. Avoid burning out or growing a hated for your business. Life must only be complimented work. Remember work should always take second place to life.

Identify objectives and plan a method to become who you envision yourself to be whether physical or mental change. Overcome self-limitations to advance your life.

Get the motivation and confidence to begin that business you have always wanted.

Who Hires A Life Coach?

A life coach is hired by anyone who wants to progress toward their goals. For people and businesses that feel they have become stagnent. What’s unique about life coaching is that it is a service that can be undertaken by someone in any niche. From actors to plumbers, servers to corporate business CEOs. The lessons learned in life coaching benefit everyone irrespective of their career.

If you think back some time, did you have goals or dreams of where you wanted to be. If you are not there now or feel you are not moving in that direction, you may benefit from Life Coaching.

Learn Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Learn Your Strengths and Weaknesses


How Does A Life Coach Evaluate A Client’s Situation?

Let’s start by saying, every client is unique with unique combinations of problems, unique strengths and unique weaknesses. As a life Coach, I investigate clients from multiple perspectives. This includes some surprising aspects such as physical condition, social skills, mindset, spiritual and more! My evaluation is in-depth and thorough to derive what is really holding you back and what you skills you are not utilizing enough.


How Can I Find Out More?

If you want to find out if life coaching is an appropriate service for you, contact me via ThinkingThru or through google plus: David D’Silva for life coaching. I will discuss your troubles and determine if life coaching will help you. If not, I will propose what I believe would be a more beneficial alternative to help you get where you want to be in life and in business.

Image of Life Coaching Now

 Business Marketing

Using techniques designed to break down barriers in business marketing, we will maximizing your business exposure through a variety of marketing techniques.

Identifying your client base allows us to build your presence and visibility by focusing on marketing methods adopted by that demographic.

Brand your product/service. Align your marketing and brand strategy so that your brand comes to mind whenever your product/service is considered.

Give the customer what they want. Clear and concise marketing is often the best method, why over complicate things.

I Provide you with Advice on THE FOLLOWING Essential DIGITAL MArketing TOOLS


Stand Out.

Position your brand with an effective brand strategy that reflects your goals, values and style clearly. 



Design Matters.

Let your brand shine with a modern, clean and mobile friendly website. 




Nothing caputures peoples attention more powerfully than a story.




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Print Design

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Social Media Strategy

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SEO Optimization

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App Development

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Facebook Ad's

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Google Adwords

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Image of Business Consultant David D’Silva

About David D'Silva

Thinking Thru is an intelligent group of advisors available to think thru your entrepreneurial and career challenges, and bring your company’s stories and products to life.

Chief Advisor David D’Silva is a business advisor, writer and storyteller. After 25 years in the business world he is authoring pertinent articles that speak to everyday life. David has won awards for excellence in business. His specialties include: adding a personal touch to customer service managing great people so they feel like a partners not employees coaching being a solid spokesperson being counted on when you’re on a tight deadline David leads well. 

Recently, David packed up his 40-year life in Regina, SK. Along with his wife Heidi, he loaded up his young children Rosario, Brahm and Esaias (and a giant schnauzer Kya) to move to the grooving windy metropolis of Lethbridge, AB. They love to learn, run, jump, play and on occasion eat great tuna poke.

As an excellent networker David has connected with just over 20,000 LinkedIn members. David has made a career of consulting for businesses, giving seminars and just helping people realize their dreams. He continues to build his growing fan base… follow him here!

Anything David can do for you and your cause? Let him know and he’ll do his very best… He loves to write, teach, have fun and have more windows open for a bright future each day. Do you have a need my friend?

Contact David for consultations, speaking engagements, lectures, or other teaching and writing opportunities.

See details about David’s Business Consultant Services

David is a blend of encouragement, assurance and intuition.”
— Toby E, York, England
His advice and insights have changed my life, he greatly improved my business and personal life. David has set me up for success
— Ian, Southern Alberta