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ThinkingThru provides Business consulting services in Lethbridge, Edmonton, Regina and surrounding areas.

A successful business begins with an idea. An expert in a niche may not be an expert in business and this is where an expert business consultant can be your partner in making your business a success.

Although a business consultant can also be referred to as a ‘business coach’ or ‘business advisor’, I view these titles collectively but separately. I believe each has its contributory role in business success:

As a Business Consultant:

I discuss the aspects of a business in which a business owner can recognise their shortcomings. Consulting comes with communication and I develop lines of communication. This communication is not only with the business owner, but with the employees, suppliers and anyone peripherally involved so that I can get to the root of the problem. Once a problem is fully identified, only then can the best solution be implemented.

As a Business Coach:

I teach a business owner how to perform an operation more efficiently or achieve goals successfully. Some tasks in business are complicated, they require more than just a discussion. Frequent application provides practice and ultimate expertise. I provide the tools for solid implementation of skills so that they can be used frequently and effectively.

As a Business Advisor:

I highlight problem areas which need addressed and identify features underutilized in a business that may not have been clear before. Through my extensive business experience, I can help you create or take advantage of your unique attributes so you can surpass your competitors.


Through a combination of my unique version of consulting, coaching and advising, business success is only a matter of time.



Communicate & Close.

Communicating your value proposition clearly is key to closing more business. 



Efficient Workflows.

Your team & daily processes are crucial to running a successful business.  



Avoid Leaks.

Identify unnessesary finiancial spending to keep your business lean and healthy. Discover how to finance business expansion safely.


Sales Strategy 

Productivity Audit

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Budget Builder

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David Helped me gain clarity and focus
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