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About David D'Silva

Thinking Thru is an intelligent group of advisors available to think thru your entrepreneurial and career challenges, and bring your company’s stories and products to life.

Chief Advisor David D’Silva is a business advisor, writer and storyteller. After 25 years in the business world he is authoring pertinent articles that speak to everyday life. David has won awards for excellence in business. His specialties include: adding a personal touch to customer service managing great people so they feel like a partners not employees coaching being a solid spokesperson being counted on when you’re on a tight deadline David leads well. 

Recently, David packed up his 40-year life in Regina, SK. Along with his wife Heidi, he loaded up his young children Rosario, Brahm and Esaias (and a giant schnauzer Kya) to move to the grooving windy metropolis of Lethbridge, AB. They love to learn, run, jump, play and on occasion eat great tuna poke.

As an excellent networker David has connected with just over 20,000 LinkedIn members. David has made a career of consulting for businesses, giving seminars and just helping people realize their dreams. He continues to build his growing fan base… follow him here!

Anything David can do for you and your cause? Let him know and he’ll do his very best… He loves to write, teach, have fun and have more windows open for a bright future each day. Do you have a need my friend?

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David is a blend of encouragement, assurance and intuition.”
— Toby E, York, England
His advice and insights have changed my life, he greatly improved my business and personal life. David has set me up for success
— Ian, Southern Alberta