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As I was born and raised in Regina, I am so proud to offer my service of business coaching in Regina, Saskatchewan. I feel like this is a way of contributing to my hometown community. Growing up surrounded by so many cultural attractions like the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Wascana center & lake, RCMP Heritage center and Saskatchewan Legislative building, made me love my culture and hometown. After building my business experience in multiple places, I now want to help businesses in my local community to become successful outstanding leaders in their field.

Regina Legislature Building

Regina Legislature Building

Saskatchewan Business Pride

Saskatchewan Business Pride

Why would a Regina Business Need Business Coaching?

Businesses experience the same problems everywhere. In Regina, it’s no different. Financial challenges, employee hiring, visibility, management and many more. These challenges can be overcome with the assistance of a business coach. Through prior experience running businesses, a business coach can help guide a business through the tough times to a more fruitful operating structure. Minimizing expenses, maximizing profits, investment advice, financial flow advice, marketing instruction, social media management and generating clients are just some areas a business coach can assist you with.

How do I know if I need coaching?

Every successful person will recognize their shortcomings. We all have them, its nothing abnormal. If you are looking into business coaching, then you have taken the first step in realizing you may have some obstacles in your way. Recognizing a problem shows you are already making progress. Dealing with them is not so simple. We may perceive ourselves differently to how others perceive us. It is the responsibility of the business coach to help you recognize your problem or those of your business. A fresh and unique perspective is the best technique for circumnavigating obstacles. Much like visiting the Dunlop Art Gallery, you may not see things how another visitor does. Once you are shown that perspective, it can be the clarity you have needed but could not find.

Regina Business Coaching session

Why Choose ThinkingThru to coach A Regina businesses?

Coaching a business in Regina requires many of the same investigative and coaching skills as anywhere else, however, every location has its own unique set of challenges. Recognizing these is imperative for success. Being a local of the community, this gives me an excellent insight into local opinions and perspectives. The perception of a business is an intricate factor in marketing and sales. Communities can be unique in their perspective so understanding the community vision gives me an edge doing business coaching in Regina.

Downtown Businesses in Regina

How can a business get coachEd by ThinkingThru?

It’s very simple, just contact me and begin the road to the growth of your business. I have a progressive technique toward business development. It is designed to ease the client into the process, so they feel comfortable throughout. It is a path of self-realisation and improved perspective of yourself and your business. Sometimes it just takes someone to show you the right path, that is my job. Its a path we walk together so you always feel supported.

What is the right coaching method for me?

You are unique, and your business is unique. Truly the best business coaching method can only be determined when considering all your individual challenges. Businesses in Regina can present very different difficulties to another location. My investigative technique will derive the issues you or your business may have and the best ways to deal with them. Proper research yields the best results and I always do my research into every client.

Regina Business Coach David D'Silva

For Business coaching in Regina, contact David D’Silva and lets begin to build your business together.