The Danger of Holding Yourself Back - Be Confident

Villainous thought: “I just can’t…”

Oh, but you can. Too many great people I coach are pulled down by this phrase… but the truth is – it’s a lie!

I love helping people unlock their own potential. The number one way I’ve found to help people see their own greatness is to show them ‘they can.’ When my clients realize how awesome they really are, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. I get to feel their power and joy as they rise and accomplish their goals and dreams. That’s why I do what I do! To help clean out those lies from people’s heads like cobwebs from an attic.

Are you struggling with “I can’t…”? Instead of starting with the words, “I can’t…” Exchange them with, “I can…” It flips this negative thought on its head and helps you to free your mind.

The Struggle is Real

Person Showing Struggle

I want to remind people of what’s possible! People are flying overhead at hundreds of miles per hour and chatting with their friends who live on the other side of the world, and we still tell ourselves: “We can’t do it.” Many individuals I coach are dogged by negative thoughts, and these thoughts always hold people back.

Jen Sincero, author of “You Are a Badass”, writes that the reason people don’t succeed is that we haven’t woken up to how powerful we truly are. Instead, we’re stuck thinking of ourselves as small and powerless.

You are a Badass

Your first step to succeeding is coming to terms with how powerful you are. After that everything begins to look a lot more doable.

I’ve talked to so many people who are completely frozen because they don’t believe they are big enough, good enough or tough enough to tackle the problems in their life, or their business.

It’s not that their goals are impossible, but that their image of themselves is just too small. Whether you’re starting a business or trying to lose weight, you need to understand that you are powerful enough to conquer everything standing in your way.

The smaller you make yourself, the more you will work for every step. Suddenly every setback is proof that you can’t do it, and that slides you back a step each time. Then you’re fighting just to get back to attacking your problem and it’s an exhausting battle.

But, if you believe you’re strong enough, then setbacks become temporary, and the result of multiple variables – each of which you can tackle and correct.

The Power of Changing your Perception

Change the way you perceive yourself and everything can be suddenly doable and every victory becomes proof-positive that you can do anything. That pushes you forward, increasing your joy and confidence. And, instead of drawing on your strength reserves, the process is strengthening you.

You got this.

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