Striving for constant education

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I’m not perfect as an entrepreneur, consultant, father or husband, in fact sometimes I’m a failure. But the one thing that has helped me find success in each of these things is learning. Whatever I’m doing, no matter how long I’ve been doing it, I’m committed to learning. It’s one of the main things I push as a business and life coach: just continue learning.

The most amazing thing today is that education is everywhere and costs little more than our time. But it’s easy to let that privilege become an obligation that we struggle to fulfill until we give up. I know for me, self-educating can so easily get lost in the shuffle as I take calls from California, or eke out a moment with my daughter. None of those are bad things – in fact, they’re great things. But I can’t take full advantage of any of them unless I continue to learn.

Learn from Books

One of the ways I do this, or at least try to, is by reading. Recently, I’ve been trying to set aside time to go through a book a month. I’m not always going to finish the book, and sometimes I’m going to end up skimming through chapters just so I can spend some time with my lovely wife – but that’s life. But, I want to encourage all my friends and connections reading this to join me in this commitment to learning.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time for a book club. I’m sure many of you are in the same place. But what I’d love to do, and this is only possible with all you lovely people chipping in and making it happen, is to create something of a virtual book club. Whether you’re reading a book a day, or two a year, I’d love to hear your takeaways and recommendations. I know it’ll help me, and I suspect it will help others as well.

Now I just need to add to my reading list. I’ve got a couple on my bookshelf that are waiting for me to pick them up, but after that, I’ve got no ideas.

I’ve got Amazon giving me what feels like millions of recommendations a day, but I’d rather get them from you, my community.

If there’s a book that’s changed your life, or really helped you move forward in business or relationships, let me know. I may not get to it, depending on how many books have been added to my list, but chances are someone will see it, read it and find the same value in it as you.

So, if you’re willing, let’s learn together.

P.S. I know podcasts are all the rage today and can be a great way to educate yourself, but I just don’t know where to start. So if you’ve got a podcast you love, and think could help people, please share. If you could add the episode that had the biggest impact on your life, please add that as well; it can get daunting jumping into a podcast with hundreds of episode.

Thanks again, everyone.