Who's in control of your life?

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As an entrepreneur, you either control your time or your time controls you. There's really no two ways about it. And, unfortunately, it's is usually the latter with the reins.

Planning for Life

Imagine how powerful you would feel waking up each day knowing absolutely clearly what you are going to do during your week and more importantly what you are NOT going to do.

Make Time For You

Make Time For You

So, how do you take back control of your life?

One of the most successful concepts I teach is to use your calendar as a launch pad for success. I do not plan from a never-ending to-do list but from my calendar.

Planning for you

So, who and what goes on your calendar first? YOU!!

Yup. I said you.

I mean it. When I'm planning my calendar, I start with ME. Ha.

I know this sounds funny, but if I’m not taking great care of myself first, how do I take care of my spouse, and if I’m not taking care of myself first and my spouse, then how could I possibly take care of my children. Business is next, then friendships, then church or clubs, etc.

Life Coaching & Coaching for Life

There is a divine order of operations that must be considered and for those of you who are religious, your time with yourself might be your time with your maker. For others that are not religious, it may be meditation or quiet times - either way, it has to start with YOU.

So the first thing that goes on my calendar is my walks and my exercise time.

Life Coaching & Health - Plan for your Health

Life Coaching & Health - Plan for your Health

During my walks, I mentally plan everything from my family time together to my business strategies. Time for working with my clients to developing my team.

During my workouts, I vent my stress in a healthy manner. I move weights, do sprints, stretch, superset, pad or bag work - anything and everything to let it all out!

Everything is built from two foundational items: walking and exercise - which is really, mind and body.

Where will you start...

Life Coaching by David D’Silva